Bache Bike Trip 2012

The Bache Family is taking a cross country bike trip this summer from Astoria, Oregon to Lavallette, New Jersey. It's a big country but we're going to cross it.

If you need a reason to bike across America, here we go  Bache Cyclists & Co.  
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This trip was brought to you by Bache Capital Management

This trip was brought to you by Bache Capital Management

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Ai Weiwei’s solo show at Galleria Continua 

Seems appropriate to post bike art here.

Those Red Biking Jerseys

On the bus to school I sometimes watch the bikers out the window. I usually see bikers wearing regular sweaters and pants, some that are exercising wear shorts and really move up the hill. And there are some that go by wearing the same red jerseys with the white arm band that makes me almost think I just saw my brother or father bike by. And then I remember I am in Scotland.

I think I live in a place where these jerseys are actually necessary.

Dad is now sponsoring a mile of our route. A fitting tribute to our trip. 

Newlyweds talk about the end of the bike journey. 

End of a Journey

The Bache Bike Trip ended in Lavallette, New Jersey on August 5th. It was an amazing ride.  As I retell the stories to my friends here in Asia I am reminded of the important parts: the curiosity and bravery of those first weeks, the tough slog over the Bitterroots and the Rockies, Topher’s injury, corn corn and more corn, family, pushing that last mile, chicken wings, rolling hills of PA, and again family.  

It was wonderful, challenging, exhausting, draining, amazing.  We loved it, we hated it, we probably won’t do it again.  But it was so worth it.

The End.

sedavis said: Love you guys!

We love you too.

Sightings of Species 

I have told some people that along the way I was using an app to keep track of my wildflower sightings.  Here is a map of those.  You can see I bought the app in Montana, went back to record some of what I saw in Oregon and then got a little tired in PA to continue. It was such fun to look at flowers along the way and keep my mind off some of the pain of cycling.

One rest stop when I was looking to be particularly distracted I focused on a large bush with yellow flowers by the side of the road. I had been seeing it a lot of wanted to know the name. After fiddling with the app for a bit I discovered it to be a Pale Touch Me Not. I announced this to the group.

Alexander replied “That’s not a Pale Touch Me Not, this is!” pointing to me.

I have since become tan.

Kathryn's Final Thoughts 

Webster City

Topher's Final Thoughts 

Alexander's Final Thoughts  

Bache Bike Trip Video 

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